Thailand is the first country in Asia to approve Research, Usage, farming and distribution of Medical Cannabis.

We help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create the road map to get them there by devising a business development strategy the company profile and client base.

Pattaradara Co., Ltd was established as a Funding and Development arm of NewLand Group of companies and entities Approved for the Research, Farming and Distribution of Medical Cannabis by the Government of Thailand.

With its wealth of experience and connections in the Region and a Roadmap of Medical Cannabis, the company is tasked to bring in resources to achieve the Group’s future growth in the industry and to be a world’s leader in the distribution of related products and services.

Why choose our cannabis medichine services. Our profesional services for all Clients.

Compassionate Care

It help to relief pain due to effects of chemotherapy. Commonly used to relief post treatment stress disorder.

Natural medicine

Since cannabis is grown in controlled environment, it is natuarally organize in nature medicine are connected using oil and crytstals gathered cannabis flower

Expert Physicians

It can only be administered through qualified professionals in approved medical institutions.

Quality maintain

Only top class clinical laboratories and certified facilities can ensure high product quality.